FY2019 Budget Work

Laws, Comptroller and Local Policies, and Best Practices in the Budget  Process

County budgetary process is outlined in the Tennessee Code Annotated:

  • TCA 5-15-101 et al County Budgeting Law of 1957
  • TCA 5-9-101 et al General Appropriations Laws

The County has further adopted three (3) overall governing policies which guide budgeting and financial management:

  1. Fund Balance Policy
  2. Debt Management Policy
  3. Capital Projects Policy

Work begins on the FY19 budget with the requests for operational and capital budgets from each elected official and department. These requests go out in early January and signal the beginning of the new budget cycle.



Date Day Time Funds Minutes
March 20th TU 6:00 pm 151,152,156Budget Committee Minutes 3-20-18
March 22nd Thurs6:00 pm 171 Overview,300's, 266, 264Budget Committee Minutes 3-22-18
March 29th Thurs6:00 pm 116, 123,118,171 (AMB,CCC,RCY)
April 23rd Mon6:00 pm 121 (Fire & Animal Cntrl), 101 (OES), 171- VEH, CHJ, BAL, OES, HSG, TEQ, All subfunds with balances and Needs
April 24th TU6:00 pm Road Fund (131/176), Sheriff (101,122,171) functions
May 2ndWed9:00 am Elected Officials, 204 Wastewater, Revenues
May 15th TU 9:00 am County Executive Department Heads,Non Profit, Resolution Review, Revenues
May 30thWed Filing Deadline for June Commission Meeting