Roane County Parks and Recreation

Mike Beard, Director

3515 Roane State Highway, Harriman, TN 37748

To reserve a shelter or the Cottage at Roane County Park in Harriman for an event call:

(865) 882-2640 (leave a message)

Facility Use Application


For reservations at Riley Creek campground,
please call  (865)250-6152 or (865) 250-4286.


Executive Summaries

#17 Roane County’s Recreation Plan

#17a Five Year Plan for RCPR

#17b Advisory Committee Meeting

#17c Fundraising at Roane County Park

#17d Roane State – Caney Creek Animal Crossing

#17e Roane County Parks and Recreation Capital Improvements

#20 Swan Pond Revitalization

#20a SPSC Progress Report March 2013

#20b Swan Pond Sports Complex

#20c SPSC Progress Report August 2013

#20e SPSC Progress report March 2014

#20f SPSC Report to Leadership RC



Roane County Park

Bridge and water feature at Roane County Park



Bridge and water feature




Turtles and fountain (2)







Splash Pad


Splash Pad





Disc Golf Course


Disc Golf Course





park bench plaque



Bench plaque at Shelter 4


Riley Creek Campground

Riley Creek banner photo



Shoreline at Riley Creek




Riley Creek 009



Boat Ramp at Riley Creek



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