Office of Emergency Services

OES seal
Scott Stout, Director   

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Administrative Offices

Traci Cofer, Program Manager
220 N. Third Street
Kingston, TN 37763
Fax (865)717-0615

Fire/HazMat Operations Building

Chuck Hiatt, Operations Chief
3070 Roane State Highway
Harriman, TN 37748
Fax (865)882-3004

The activities of the Office of Emergency Services and Homeland Security include the planning, coordination, and implementation of all Emergency Management and Homeland Security related activities for Roane County. The foundation for this authority is derived from Tennessee Code Annotated 58-2-101 through TCA 58-2-124, Emergency Management, as well as federal laws and regulations, Superfund Amendment and Reauthorization Act (SARA) Title III, and the Homeland Security Act.

The Office of Emergency Services is responsible for controlling the response to emergencies within their jurisdiction. TCA 58-2-110 requires counties to develop a county emergency management plan that is consistent with the Tennessee Emergency Management Plan and an maintain emergency management program to ensure an effective response and recovery.

Mission Statement:
To lessen the effects of a disaster on the lives and property of the people of Roane County through leadership, coordination, and support in the four phases of emergency management: mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.

Roane County created a Civil Defense Organization on July 2, 1957 with John C. Gower as the first director.
Currently, Scott Stout is the Director of the Office of Emergency Services.  The Director oversees a staff of two (2) full-time staff and one (1) volunteer staff member.  All Emergency Management staff receive training in emergency and disaster response through classroom instruction and full-scale exercises.


Roane County Rural Area Volunteer Fire Departments:

East Roane County Volunteer Fire Department
Chief David Maupin
853 New Midway Road Kingston, TN
Phone: (865) 376-4170
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West Roane County Volunteer Fire Department
Chief Charlie Redwine
1303 Pumphouse Rd Rockwood, Tennessee 37854
Phone: (865) 354-8201
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South Roane County Volunteer Fire Department
Chief Sam Wolfe
1100 Ladd Landing Blvd, #32
Kingston, TN 37763
Phone: 865-250-9515
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Midtown Volunteer Fire Department
Chief Randy Scarborough
623 Old Highway 70
Harriman, TN 37748
H 882-3811; 776-7683
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Blair Volunteer Fire Department
Chief Clarence Nelson
1911 Old Harriman Highway
Oliver Springs, TN 37830
H 435-7079; 394-5094
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Hyper-Reach Community Sign-Up Campaign

The Roane County Office of Emergency Services is excited to announce a new community emergency notification program.

It is important that everyone put in their preferred means of communication, including text alerts. The purpose of this sign up page is that 911 data only includes landline numbers. Cell phones, emails and ‘special needs technology’, like TDD for the hearing impaired, are not included in the Accu-Reach data unless the individual involved signs up for messages from these other-than-landline sources. There is a link to a sign up page online specific for every user.

Please, follow the Hyper-Reach link below and sign up for these emergency notifications.


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