The First Oakdale

{Robert Bailey, County Historian}

The Oakdale located in Morgan County near the Roane County line was not the first Oakdale? Situated near the Elverton community between Harriman and Oliver Springs was the Oakdale Iron Works. Located here were ore pits, railroads, a coal mine, coke ovens, a two-story hotel and a post office among other buildings. Edward H. Potter, Gilbert Patton, Walton Blake, Allston Allen, and Frederick Whiting bought 139 acres from Joseph Robinson to form the Little Emory Iron Works in 1872. By April 1873, seven acres had been acquired by the Company and changed the name from the Little Emory Iron Works to Oakdale Mining and Manufacturing Co. In 1879, it acquired about 4000 acres for the Iron Works, and in July 1882, the company changed its name to the Oakdale Iron, Coal and Transportation Company. It is not known when the Oakdale Iron Works ceased operations, but it was probably in the early 1890s. Even in recent times, there were still remnants of the coke ovens.

Originally written for the Roane County Newsletter to the Community, November 2012.