Hyper Reach Emergency Information System – May 2018

{Traci Cofer, Assistant Director of Office of Emergency Services}

Traci Cofer, the Assistant Director for the Roane County Office of Emergency Services, spoke at the Leadership Roane County Class of 2018 Graduation and Chamber Banquet on Friday, April 20, 2018. The Leadership Roane County 2018 class members collaborated together to develop a media campaign for Roane County’s Hyper-Reach Emergency Information System. The Office of Emergency Services (OES) partnered with Roane State’s Communications Professor and students to create a Public Service Announcement (PSA) to be shown on local television stations, social media platforms, as well as radio stations. The success of this project is measurable because we can watch the number of sign-ups grow over the years as the PSA is circulated throughout the various categories of media. You can see the chart below for the base number of sign-ups for 2018. We also partnered with Roane State’s Student Activities Coordinator to have all annual incoming Freshmen signed up when they come in for Orientation. OES also purchased two 39” x 88” banners with signup information to be displayed at Roane State Community College’s main campus in Harriman and the Roane County Courthouse. Our next step in the media campaign project is to have all City/ County Officials and community leaders post pictures of themselves with our banner with the slogan “I’m signed up! “on their various pages and social media sites. This will help promote sign up based on the public trust in their community leaders.

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