2020 Budget and Their Projects

{Ron Woody, Roane County Executive}

The Budget Committee continues to deliberate, and various funds have been completed with recommendations to the Commission. The Commission will not see the entire budget until late June or early July. However, the Budget Committee work indicates a new previously discussed property tax increase related to the cost of interest and principal payment for the Oliver Springs School project ($7.1 million) along with the road damage due to the recent flooding ($10 million). The committee has also recommended a one (1) penny increase to help the Volunteer Fire Departments. Keep an eye out for a series of articles in the Roane County News regarding the operations and budgets of various County Funds/Companies.

In other news, Roane County has applied to be a Pilot community for the Tennessee RiverLine 652 project. We hope to hear news about this project in Mid-May. We anticipate the County Commission approving a Tourism Grant request that could help open up the old Caney Creek Campground if we are awarded the grant.

The County Jail Study Committee is patiently waiting for an update report on the estimated cost. Various officials met the past month with a consulting party who is evaluating Roane County as a grant applicant on a pretrial diversion grant.

The County Park and Recreation Master Planning is continuing with anticipation of a survey being available in May.