What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

{Corinne Shaw, Community Impact Coordinator}

Businesses and their employees in Roane County have an opportunity to create positive community changes. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is synonymous with corporate citizenship and is an ethic strategy incorporated into a business model to create a social and environmental impact on the community. The positive public relations gained by corporate social responsibility increases the trust of investors, develops long-term relations, and boosts the public image of a business. In order for a business to remain relevant and competitive in today’s society, it is suggested that the CSR of business be seen by investors, consumers, employees and the community.         

How Can a Business Show Corporate Social Responsibility? Running a United Way campaign once a year can allow employees to donate funds and give to causes close to their hearts through payroll giving. A business, giving matching corporate donations, shows employees that the business aligns their social outlook with that of their employees and cares about the community in which their employees reside. It is known, that employees are more committed to businesses that show a high quality of citizenship.  Many employees and their families may benefit from the services provided by Partner organizations of the Roane County United Way. These services promote education, health, and financial stability, which makes employees happier, healthier, more productive and more reliable.

Businesses Can Have a Powerful Role in Community Change. The intellectual and physical involvement of a business can also drive change in the community. Your education, knowledge, and skills are valuable assets to non-profit organizations. Volunteering intellectual abilities and helping on charity boards or volunteering a skill set that helps the charity remain current with technology or business practices is a great way to build community connections. Providing a physical presence at events, as a volunteer and allowing employees to participate in volunteering, shows the members of the community that the business as a caring participant of that community.
The power to make a lasting, positive change is the heart of Corporate Social Responsibility. Having employees volunteer in the community can also have a positive impact on your business’s culture. Employees are rewarded with a sense of well-being, community connection, increased social skills, and new friendships when they get involved in community projects. When Employees share their volunteering experiences with co-workers, it fosters a giving culture within the business environment. With a good CSR strategy, a business can drive new ideas and positive social integrations which shape the community.