Back Tax properties For Sale

The below listed properties were acquired by Roane County through delinquent tax  will be offered for sale by sealed bids.  All sealed bids must be submitted to Carol Maines by August 30th at 4:30pm.

Click link for bidding instructions.

3-K58097.00130 Brackett Hill Lane, Kingston, TN$2601.99/328.00$759.80
3-KC109H016.00Ridge Drive, Dogwood Shores, Kingston, TN$647.27/14.00$438.67
5-RE066J004.00Docks at Caney Creek, Lot 63 Rockwood, TN$2007.26/207.00$658.87
5-RB066G012.00Docks at Caney Creek, Lot 39, Rockwood, TN$2741.14/332.00$858.89
5-RB066G011.00Docks at Caney Creek, Lot 38, Rockwood, TN$2702.21/321.00$858.89
5-RE066J003.00Docks at Caney Creek, Lot 62, Rockwood, TN$1821.02/167$607.49
2-ORC039A010.00Rarity Ridge, Lot 483, Oak Ridge, TN$1489.12/63.00$1,522.52
1-H27011.04131 Williams Lane, Harriman, TN$1596.31/133.00$578.13
2-OS7039.004753 Harriman Hwy, Oliver Springs, TN$1477.48/60.00$1,306.92
5-RF066J029.00Docks at Caney Creek, Lot 17, Rockwood, TN$3199.41/415.00$5,234.75
5-RE066J012.00Docsk at Caney Creek, Lot 50, Rockwood, TN$2792.37/343.00$6,389.96
5-RB066I002.00Docks at Caney Creek, Lot 33, Rockwood, TN$2341.54/277.00$4,951.16
5-RB066I007.00Docks at Caney Creek, Lot 38, Rockwood, TN$2360.05/277$4,523.46
5-RC066H001.00310 Caney View Dr, Docks at Caney Creek, Lot 6, Rockwood, TN$2531.49/277$4,958.18
5-RB066G014.00Meadow Ln, Docks at Caney Creek, Lot 41, Rockwood, TN$2378.89/270.00$4,321.54
1-HF017E01.00MMeadowview Dr, Harriman, TN$384.05/13.00$376.28
1-HB027L042.01Swan Pond Circle, Lot 4, Harriman, TN$1987.09/207.00$2,637.45
5-R55084.04Post Oak Valley Rd, Rockwood, TN$1034.76/35.00$414.82
5-RG055H006.00407 Molyneux Street, Rockwood, TN$13219.96/95.00$6,821.57
5-RB054D011.03Martin Luther King Jr. Dr, Rockwood, TN$1380.08/3.00$1,391.97
5-RA054M016.00305 S. Facy Street, Rockwood, TN$3261.02/85.00$1,254.11
5-RA054K001.08Clymersville Rd, Rockwood, TN$1861.68/30.00$679.18
5-RF064F010.00637 Tarwater Street, Rockwood, TN$2390.53/94.00$1,253.75
5-RB054M029.05Skyline Avenue, Rockwood, TN$2376.02/95.00$3,398.54
5-RF054D011.00527 N. Wilder Avenue, Rockwood, TN$5865.97/33.00$1,567.14
5-RB066I013.00304 Caney View Dr, Docks at Caney Creek, Lot 3, Rockwood, TN$7655.33/277.00$4,951.16