Building A Deck

Deck construction is considered an addition to a home and therefore requires permits and inspections in order to ensure that it is safe for your enjoyment. We encourage you to review our compliance guidelines for decks before applying for a permit.

Permits Required

Your deck will require a building permit. If your deck will feature a hot tub, spa, or other permanent electric-powered component, you will also need an electrical permit. If your deck will feature running water, such as for a sink, or gas piping to feed a gas line directly into a grill, you will also need a plumbing permit and or a mechanical permit. Please gather the construction documentation specified below and submit a building permit application and an owner / contractor affidavit. After the building permit application is filed, if applicable, have your licensed electrician submit an electrical permit application and/or have your licensed plumber submit a plumbing permit application. For Electrical Permit check with your local provider.

Permit Process

Many factors affect the speed with which your application(s) are approved. For best results, it is critical that you carefully review your application and design documents prior to submission to ensure that all necessary documents are included and that the design is compliant with county code. Normally, permits can be issued within 1 business day if the application is complete, accurate, and code-compliant.