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Message from the Director of Accounts and Budget

Dear Readers,

It has been some time since I have reported to you on the status of our office. We have been busy since the completion of our Fiscal Year Ending 2018. Listed below are some of our accomplishments:

1) We managed to finish the year with a clean audit with no findings

2) We have upgraded our server and with that allowed us to implement Docket Management

a) With this software, we are able to scan our documents that will all us the capability to pull an invoice from the system instead of digging through boxes. TIME SAVER!!!

3) We have upgraded the file room to allow for a larger office to be occupied

4) We have part-time employees helping with the scanning process and thankful for the volunteers

5) We have started the Budget Process 2020 and included in this newsletter will find our schedule for the next few months. Descriptions on what we will be working on may change depending on the availability of data for those funds.

Our office is always available for any questions you might have during this process and also for questions related to the current year operations.

From our staff, we wish you all a very Happy Easter!!

Connie Cook-Aytes, Director of Roane County Accounts and Budgets

Roane County Access to Health through Healthy Active Built Environments Grant Project

{Jamie Kinard, Roane County Grants Administrator}

Roane County is excited to complete its Access to Health through Healthy Active Built Environments Grant Project. The project was a grant funded by the Department of Health to install four exercise equipment pieces to give better access to physical activity at the Roane County Park.

Healthy Active Built Environments Grant Project, HABE, Department of Health, exercise equipment, Roane County Park

Accounting Department Update – Oct 2018

{Connie Aytes – Director of Accounts & Budgets}

Capital and Debt Reports: I would like to thank Jennifer Evans and Jennifer Suter for their work on the Debt and Capital Reports which have been placed on the county website under the Accounting Department.

2019 Budget: The budget book is nearing completion and will be published before the newsletter is published. We are supplementing this year’s budget book with information that should make it easier to understand where our money is spent.

Student Volunteer Program: We have finished our Tennessee Scholar Volunteer program for this past summer. We appreciate Elijah Breaszale and Bailey Barding for taking time out of their summer schedule to help with filing and data entry. Elijah and Bailey are pictured below receiving her certificates.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact our office. Any staff member will be happy to serve you. Have a blessed Fall Season, and If you have any family members or friends dealing with the east coast hurricane, I hope they are safe.

Connie Aytes and Elijah Breaszale

Ron Woody, Bailey Barding, and Connie Aytes


Multiple Award Winning Purchasing Department – Sept 2018

{Lynn Farnham – Roane County Purchasing Agent}

Roane County Has A Multiple Award Winning Purchasing Department: Rick Grimm, CEO of the National Institute for Public Procurement (NIGP) sends his congratulations to Lynn Farnham, who has been selected to receive NIGP’s Volunteer Award! Farnham has served Tennessee Association of Public Purchasing and East Tennessee Purchasing Association on both executive boards, and many committees, and most recently was chosen to serve NIGP on the NIGP Forum and Exposition Committee. Grimm said “Volunteerism is public service at its best. The NIGP Talent Council is the center of volunteerism; and their Chair, Mathes Carrie, has selected Farnham to receive the Volunteer Award for her many contributions to her TN Chapter and the Institute. Congratulations Lynn!” The award was presented at the 2018 NIGP Forum and Products Exposition in Nashville.

In addition, the Universal Public Procurement Certification Council (UPPCC) recognized Roane County’s Purchasing Department for maintaining a high percentage of staff that are UPPCC Certified. Join us in congratulating Farnham’s team, Jeanie Brown – Senior Buyer Roane County Gov, Carol Maines – Buyer Roane County Gov, and Sandy Williams – Purchasing Clerk for their continued excellence in service to the county.


Roane County Facilities Are Looking Brighter – Aug 2018

{Lynn Farnham – Roane County Purchasing Agent}

The County Commission appropriated funds in the 2017-18 capital budget to perform lighting upgrades in the courthouse, the Sheriff’s Office & Jail, and the Office of Emergency Services. The project replaced all fluorescent lamps and ballasts to L.E.D. lamps and ballasts. Not only has this allowed for savings on the utility bills, but it will also improve the quality of lighting in these facilities. The Purchasing Department arranged to have TVA audits done of county facilities to determine the savings potential for each location. It was found that there was the potential for significant savings in each of the facilities that were audited. The table below is a summary of the information from the TVA audits. The amounts listed below are estimates based on the audit.

FacilityCostAnnual - kWh Savings - Monetary
Ambulance &
HWY Building
$7,200 96024.097$9,600
Sheriff, Jail, & OES$16,95072692.406$7,300

An Invitation to Bid for the lamps and ballasts was issued by the Purchasing Department. This is an annual contract that can be renewed to purchase lamps and ballasts for future upgrades as funding becomes available. The lamps and ballasts have a 10-year warranty. The projects listed above are complete. Most all of the installation of the L.E.D. lighting was performed by county inmates. Many thanks to Sheriff Stockton for providing the county with this valuable service.

Accounting Department Update – Aug 2018

{Connie Aytes – Director of Accounts and Budgets}

2019 Budget: Now that the budget has been passed our office is working hard to make sure that we have all the accounts properly budgeted before we roll the budget to the new year. We are hoping to have the budget books completed by the first week in August. Once those are completed, we will post the budget to the website and distributed to the Commissioners.

Capital, Debt, Popular Annual Financial Reports & Operational Statement: Our office is responsible for the completion of the Capital and Debt Reports and the Operational Statement. Those reports are in the process of being completed. Once we get those completed, they will be uploaded to our website. This year we are going to attempt to produce a “Popular Annual Financial Report” (PAFR). This report will summarize the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2018. This report should be completed by October of this year. Fiscal Year Ending: Our Fiscal Year Ending June 30th is almost completed, and our new year July 1st has an approved budget with NO tax increase. I want to take this time to thank all of my Accounting Staff for their hard work and dedication to complete our year under budget. We will not know the final results of our Fiscal year until next March, but all accounts are looking great.

Student Volunteer Program: For the past few weeks, our office and the office of the County Executive have teamed up with Tennessee Scholar Volunteer allowing high school students to complete their required community service hours. We had the pleasure of having Marisa Klein as our first volunteer this year to come work at our office. The duties she performed was, filing invoices both current and prior year and keying in budget figures into excel worksheets for our budget books. Marisa is pictured below receiving her certificate along with myself and Ron Woody.

Connie Aytes, Marisa Klein, and Ron Woody