Boards and Commissions

Environmental Review Board:
(Meets 1st Thursday at 6:00 pm at the Courthouse in Kingston)
Tom Brown
David Reichle (Lifetime Member)
Mary Anne Koltowich
Janice Moody
Martha Deaderick
Carolyn Granger, Commission Representative
Scott Stout, County Executive's Representative
Robert W. Peele, Member Emeritus
Economic Development Loan Administration Board:
(Meets when there is an application to review)
Ron Woody, Chair
Ken Gilliam
David Webb
Sonny Hunter
Darryl Meadows
Chris Mason
Ron Berry
Staff: (non-voting)
Vacant, County Grants Administrator
Kaley Walker, Roane County Budget Director
Wade Creswell, President/CEO Roane Alliance
Greg Leffew, County Attorney
County Board of Public Utilities:
(Meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 5:30 pm in the Conference Room at the Waste Water Plant in Rockwood)
Stan Malone, Chair
Jeff Parkison
George Yarborough
Allen Dietz
Greg Paulus
Gene McClure, Director, Roane County Wastewater Plant (non-voting)
Roane County Industrial Development Board and Health, Education and Housing Facilities Board:
David Webb
Tommy Thompson, Chair
Jeff Nichols
Teddy L. Haywood
Quentin Craig
Joe Heckman
James Owens
James Palmer
Robert Kite
Jack H. "Sandy" McPherson, Board Attorney
Wade Creswell, President/CEO Roane Alliance
Teresa Jackson
Planning Commission:
(Meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm in the Qualls Commission Room at the Courthouse in Kingston)
Allen Williams, Chair
Warren Kocher
Terry Futrell
Randy Scarborough
Michael Lee Parkison
Richard Whitman
Jean Meredith
Chris Johnson

Industrial Development Board of the Counties of Cumberland, Morgan and Roane, Tennessee:
Cumberland County Members:
Kenneth Carey
V.J. Dodson
Dana Carter
Randy Graham
Morgan County Members:
Don Edwards
John Davis
Tim Johnson
Louis Newberry
Roane County Members:
Ron Woody
Bowden R. Ladd- Term expires 9/30/20
Danice Turpin- Term expires 9/30/16
Don Coffey (term 9/30/18)
Other Members:
Scott Gibson
Kenneth P Ezell, Esq.
David T Herrell, P.E.
Board of Zoning Appeals:
(Meets on an "as needed" basis)
1st District Representatives:
Greg Howard, member
Donna Demyanovich, alternate
2nd District Representatives:
Daniel Stracener, member
Tommy Devaney, alternate
3rd District Representatives:
Wayne Fox, member
R. J. Malone, alternate
4th District Representatives:
Vivian Stamper, member
Scott Whitehead, alternate
5th District Representatives:
Vacant, member
Vacant, alternate
Roane County Recreation Advisory Board:
Rick Ross, Chair
James Brummett
Darryl Meadows
Melisa Ruffner
Vickie Watts
Danny Wright
Drack Langley
Marty Hill
Robin Wampler
RCHS student
RHS student
HHS student
MHS student
E-911 Board:
Carolyn Granger, Commission Rep
Donnie Eblen, VFD Rep
John Harvey, Oliver Springs Rep
Randy Heidle, Harriman Rep
Tony Brown, Kingston Rep
Arvel McNelly, Rockwood Rep
Tim Suter, EMS Director
Jack Stockton, Sheriff
Marilyn Calfee, Rural County Rep
Mike Hooks, E-911 Director
Solid Waste Advisory Board
Chairman: Tony Brown, Kingston rep- term expires 3/31/2022
Darrell Mayton
Expires 3/31/2020
Carolyn Granger- term expires 3/31/2022
Becky Ruppe, Rockwood rep- term expires 3/31/2020
Dan Hyder- term expires 3/31/2020
Mary Anne Koltowich- term expires 3/31/2020
Ken Mynatt,
Darrell Langley
Harriman rep- term expires 3/31/2024
Equalization Board:
(2-year terms- sworn in 6/16)
Thaxton H. Brown, Jr.
Frederick D. Harvey
Stanley Tilley
Donna Davis
Mary Holley