Building a Post Frame (Pole Barn)

It’s about long term Building Efficiency and Safety!

Your pole building will require a building permit. If wired with electricity, an electrical permit will be required. Please gather the documentation specified below and submit a Building Permit Application. After the building permit is filed, if applicable, have your licensed electrician submit an electrical permit application. For an electrical permit check with your local provider. If any plumbing is installed, a plumbing permit application will be required.


Pole Building





Permit Process

Many factors affect the speed with which your application(s) are approved. For best results, it is critical that you carefully review your application and design documents prior to submission to ensure that all necessary documents are included and that the design is compliant with county code. Normally, permits can be issued within 1 business day if the applications are complete, accurate, and code-compliant.


Construction Document Requirements

Submitted documents must contain sufficient information for the plan reviewer to be able to review the proposed construction.

  • Site Plan
  • Location of the proposed structure
  • Measurements from the proposed structure to each property line
  • Location of any existing structures
  • Location of existing/proposed driveway(s)
  • Location of all utilities and septic lines
  • Road Name









Your new post frame will require a series of inspections throughout the building process. A a minimum, your  project will require the following:

Building Inspection

  • Footing
  • Foundation/Slab
  • Framing/Plumbing (if applicable) 
  • Installation/Mechanical (if applicable)
  • Final

Plumbing Inspections (if applicable)

  • Ground Work
  • Rough-In
  • Final

Electrical Inspections 

Sorry, Electrical services are not provided by our office. Please contact your local utility provider. Utilities in Roane County


Scheduling an Inspection

For scheduling please call our office: Roane County Building Codes at 865-717-4230 between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:00 pm for next day inspections.


Fees are based on the total cost of finished construction. Fee Sheet

Sorry, we are unable to accept credit/debit as this time.

ONLY, Checks, Cash or Money Orders are accepted.