Risk Management

Scott Stout, Risk Management Officer


(865) 717-4440

Scott Stout, the Director of the Office of Emergency Services (OES) team, also heads Roane County’s Risk Management Program, which is a program of comprehensive risk management. The program includes not only a Safety Committee function, but assists in insurance procurement and risks associated with the DOE Oak Ridge Reservation. Scott also serves on the Board of Directors of the Oak Ridge Reservation Community Alliance (ORRCA).

Risk Management is the activity of monitoring, assessing and alleviating risk.

Risk is managed by avoidance, retention, transfer by contract, loss control, and insurance contracts.  The Risk Manager assists with Workers’ Compensation, conducts safety meeting, and is the point of contact for TOSHA.  The Risk Manager works with oversight committees in collecting knowledge of the risk from the Department of Energy in Oak Ridge.


The Oak Ridge Reservation Communities Alliance held its first meeting on February 22, 2012 under the name Tennessee Oversight Agreement Board of Mayors.  The ORRCA replaced an existing oversight group, the Local Oversight Committee.  The ORRCA membership is consists of mayors and county executives from Anderson, Knox, Morgan, Roane Counties and the City of Oak Ridge. The purpose of the ORRCA is to oversee and make recommendations to the Environmental Management (EM) for clean up on the Oak Ridge DOE Reservation.  The Roane County Risk Manager currently serves as the secretary. A portion of the Risk Manager’s salary is paid by the ORRCA through a grant provided by the State of Tennessee.

Environmental Monitoring Plan DOE-TDEC 2015

The Purchasing Department manages the Property & Casualty Insurance Program. The Property & Casualty Insurance is bid every three (3) years and renewed for two (2) years. The county purchases fully insured policies for the Liability, Auto, and Property Insurance lines. The county is self-insured for Worker’s Compensation up to $450,000 per occurrence, thus Retention Insurance is purchased to cover claims exceeding this amount.  This program includes the purchase of the following lines of insurance:

  1. General & Professional Liability Insurance
  2. Auto Insurance
  3. Property Insurance
  4. Worker’s Compensation

All accidents and lawsuits are monitored by the Purchasing Department. When an accident occurs or a lawsuit is filed, the Purchasing Department reports this to the insurance company and then monitors the claim until it is closed.

Listed below are boards, committees, entities, and/or groups that play a role in the risk management process. Roane County has a representative on most of these and we monitor the activities of the others.

Energy Communities Alliance

Energy Communities Alliance website

Oak Ridge Reservation Communities Alliance (ORRCA)

U.S. Department of Energy (Environmental Management)

DOE- Oak Ridge office website