Published Articles/Speeches

Debt Management Comments 5-14-09

Roane Medical Remarks – 5-2-2012

A National Park for Roane County is in the Works 5-9-2012

New Uranium Processing Facility Needed 5-16-2012

“Come and Go” presentation to the ECA at Los Alamos NM 8-16-12

2 Year Anniversary 8-27-2012

Why We Need Swan Pond Sports Complex 9-5-2012

Where Does My Property Tax Go? – 9-24-2012

Roane County’s Industrial Effort – 11-2-2012

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Leadership Talking Points 5-15-2013

VW Grand Opening Welcome Speech 6-25-2013

Budget 2014 Article- 7-23-2013

Speech at Opening of Lakeshore Park 5-30-14

Robert Brashears Memorial speech 9-6-14

“Tomorrowville” article 10-13-14

Balancing Act of Governing 10-13-14

Balancing Government- Diversified Portfolio 10-23-14

Balancing Government- Evaluate Assets

Balancing Government- Roane Alliance 10-23-14

Recycling Hub Open House brochure 12-17-14

CVMR Announcement 3-13-15

Proposal: Community Investment Fund 4-14-15

Community Investment Fund newspaper article 4-20-15

Community Investment Fund article newsletter May 2015

Reappraisal and How It May Affect Your Property Taxes 4-20-15

Proposal: Natural Resource Trustee Program 4-20-15

Comments at DOE EM Budget Workshop 4-29-2015

Energy Communities Alliance 5-18-15

AECOM remarks 7-29-15

Manhattan Project National Historical Park Celebration remarks 11-12-15

Evaluate Where We Are and Get Engaged 1-13-16

What Does 2016 Hold for Roane County? 1-20-16

What Does 2016 Hold For Roane County, Part 2?  2-3-16

Private Sector Investments in the Community 2-17-16

Two Step Decision Making Process 3-23-16

Education and Finance 5-20-17

Timing of Capital Investments 05-23-17

It’s a Difficult Decision and It Should Be 05-31-17

Public Opinions and Principles 12-29-17

Trying to Understand County Government 1-23-18

Opening Remarks for ECA Chair 2018

Does Roane County Have an Emergency Fund 05-1-19

Roane County’s Ambulance Operations 05-8-19

Rural Services of Fire Protection and Animal Control 05-15-19

Three Debt Fund 05-22-19

Schools and Jails Roane County Investment in Capital Assets 06-5-19

Why Do We Have to Have Tax Increases? 06-12-19

Why Is Roane County Not Growing 06-28-19

Some Funds (Companies) Do Not Have a Tax Rate 07-3-19

A Follow-Up On Why Roane County Isn’t Growing 07-10-19

Explaining the Economic Development Agency Fund 07-17-19

What Do I Get For My Taxes 08/07/19

Formal Financial Management Policies 08/14/19

Managing Around the Fund Balance 08/23/19

The Appropriations and Tax Resolution 09/04/19

Budget Public Hearing 09/06/19

“Fall-Out”- Managing the Variance 09/11/19

Managing County Capital Assets and Debt 09/18/19

Property Tax Freeze Program and Property Tax Relief 10/30/19

Making Decisions 11/15/19