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Roane County Waste Water Plant

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Roane County Public Utility

Chariman: Stan Malone                   Vice Chair: Greg Paulus             Secretary: Jeff Parkison            Member: Allen Deitz                          Member: Larry Clark                  Director: Gene McClure


Roane County Public Utility has enacted a charge upon lot owners of Grande Vista Bay of $17.75 per month to fund a much needed central pumping station.

The reason for this charge is the continued increase of head pressure in the sewer main, which is causing the malfunction of customer sewer pumps.  The cost to replace each pump is approximately $1000.00 each which will be borne by each homeowner. There are approximately 133 homes in GVB currently and we have had to replace almost half of the pumps for these homes.

Our engineering firm Lamar Dunn and Associates has warned us that with each home built the head pressure will continue to increase until the system fails.  We could point fingers and cast blame but none of that remedies the problem. The fact remains if the utility does not fix the problem, the future of GVB being able to hook to sewer will cease until the pumping station is installed.

The preliminary costs of installing a pump station is approximately 740,000.00 plus the cost of increased sized sewer lines.  This charge to the lot owners will insure the lenders that RCPU has a funding mechanism in place to pay back the cost. Once the GVB construction problem is rectified and the cost is paid, this charge will go away then or when you build a home.

The Roane County Waste Water Plant is now offering convenient online payment options.

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