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Functions of the Purchasing Department

The Purchasing Department contracts for and purchases all supplies, materials, equipment and contractual services required by county departments which expends or encumbers county funds. This also includes the rental of any machinery, buildings or equipment.

In addition to the responsibilities listed above, the Purchasing Department manages the following programs:

·         Disposal of Surplus Property

·         Property & Casualty Insurance Program

·         Building & Grounds Department

·         Inventory Management of County Property

Purchasing Staff

Purchasing Agent:            Lynn Farnham


Senior Buyer:                     Jeanie Brown


Buyer:                                  Carol Maines


Purchasing Clerk:              Sandy Williams


The Purchasing Department operates under the Purchasing Law of 1957, T.C.A. §5-14-101-116, the policies outlined in the Roane County Purchasing Manual and the direction of the Purchasing Commission. The Purchasing Law of 1957 was adopted by the Quarterly Court of Roane County on March 12, 1973. The Roane County Purchasing Manual was approved by the Roane County Commission on April 9, 2012.  The Purchasing Agent is an appointee of the County Executive and requires confirmation by the county legislative body.

As approved by County Commission in Resolution #07-07-12, purchases between $0-$2,500 require no informal quotes or sealed competitive bidding; purchases between $2,501-$10,000 require informal quotes, and purchases over $10,000 require sealed competitive bidding.

The Purchasing Department strives to determine what large or recurring supplies, materials, equipment, or services may be needed during the fiscal year. When it is determined that there is a need for such items or services, the Purchasing Agent issues Invitations to Bid or Requests for Proposal for them. The Purchasing Department averages either bidding or renewing 35 annual contracts.  In addition to the annual contracts, the Purchasing Department typically does an average of 42 bids for individual items or services.

In an effort to obtain better pricing by means of  increased purchasing power, the County Commission in Resolution #08-13-10 approved the use of contracts established by three national cooperatives; U. S. Communities, National Joint Powers Alliance and The Cooperative Purchasing Network.  In addition to these contracts, the Purchasing Department also has access to the State of Tennessee’s contracts that are bid by the Department of General Services.

The Purchasing Department receives requisitions from most every department in which the County Commission has appropriated funds. The bulk of the requisitions are received from the School Department and the General Fund. The Purchasing Department averages about 4,600 requisitions each year.

The Purchasing Department is responsible for assisting departments to get surplus property sold.   As county property becomes of no further use to a department or is deemed obsolete, a list of the items will be submitted to the Purchasing Department to have the property declared “surplus property”.  The Purchasing Department will first check to see if there is another department within the county that has a need for the property. If not, a resolution is prepared to file with the County Commission to declare the property surplus to the county. Once approved, the Purchasing Department will sell the property on GovDeals, an internet auction site as per resolution #07-07-11. 

Roane County Purchasing Manual

Vehicle Procurement Policy

Vendor Information

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