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Earl Duff Subaru & ASPCA’s 5th Annual Santa Paws – Jan 2019

{Stacey McElhaney, Director Roane County Animal Shelter}

The 5th Annual Santa Paws was a holiday success thanks to Earl Duff Subaru, the ASPCA, the Roane County Animal Shelter Staff, Planned Pethood, Santa, and lots of amazing volunteers. Four cats and fourteen dogs met their new families. Thanks to the ASPCA grant All adoptable pets were spayed, neutered, and rabies vaccinated allowing the Animal Shelter to waive all fees. Pet owners paid $5 to get their pet’s photo taken with Santa. There were raffles, door prizes and by the end of the day, they raised $850.

Left to Right Top to Bottom: Jamie Kindard, Amber Cofer, Connie Aytes, Ron Woody, Jack Jinks, Stacey McElhaney, Santa Claus –  Earl Duff Subaru & ASPCA’s 5th Annual Santa Paws – Jan 2019


Founders Day – Nov 2018

{Amber Cofer, Assistant to the County Executive}

Pause and Honor Our County’s Treasures
Roane County was officially founded on November 6, 1801. In 2007 Roane County began celebrating Roane County’s Birthday with the Founder’s Day Celebration by naming a Class of Roane Treasures each year. Every year we pause to honor the individuals who have shaped Roane County into the county it is today. These individual have made tremendous contributions not only to our county but also the state and nation. The Treasures are individuals who have helped shape the county’s history through different endeavors.

Roane County will be honoring the following individuals at this year’s Founder’s Day Celebration:
Roane Treasures (70-90 years old): James Little, Dillard Moore, Earl Nall, Jessie June Raby Nelson, and Alton Richards.
Golden Treasures (90 years or older): Gerald Lay, Charles Harris, and Warren Kocher We welcome all to celebrate Roane County’s 217th birthday as we honor the Twelfth Class of Roane Treasures.

Among those honored will be the first African American coal tester at TVA in Kingston, a senior fitness instructor, Boys and Girls Clubs mentors, military veterans and a WWII POW survivor.

Revolving Loan Fund: Growing Jobs in Roane County – Nov 2018

{Amber Cofer, Loan Manager & Jennifer Suter, Reporting Officer}

In 1987, Roane County Government received Revolving Loan Funds (RLF) from the U.S. Economic Development Agency (EDA) for the establishment of the Roane County Economic Development Revolving Loan Fund.

These funds were obtained to provide low-interest loans to local businesses, create new jobs, retain existing jobs and aid small business development. In essence, Roane County will act as a “bank” and accept the responsibilities of a commercial lender when making an RFL loan to a local business.

This program allows Roane County to play an active role in helping to create jobs and expand the business base in our community. Currently, our portfolio consists of 14 active loans and 23 loans that have been fully repaid. Each business loan is classified as a fixed asset or working capital loan. In a fixed asset loan, the money is used for the construction or renovation of real property or the purchase of equipment. Proceeds from a working capital loan are used to fund the day to day operations of a business, typical of a startup.

As of June 30, 2018, Roane County has invested $2,877,604 in local business and has generated $449,923 in interest income. There have been 871 jobs created and 369 jobs saved. Roane County’s EDA Board consists of members of the community who have specialized knowledge of lending and economic development. The County Executive serves as chair, the Board also includes a representative from the Industrial Development Board, a local bank officer, and two area business owners. This board approves loans that make it past the general vetting process before any funds are distributed. Because this involves federal funding, the County files a semiannual report to the US Department of Commerce to ensure appropriate internal control structures are being followed.

To be considered eligible for these funds, you must be establishing or expanding a business within the boundaries of the Roane County EDA plan. Hopefully, this article has given a bit of background on what this important program does and, more importantly, how it’s helping grow the economy of our wonderful county.

If you would like more information on the requirements and eligible activities regarding the EDA Loan, you may contact the EDA Loan Manager, Amber Cofer at the County Executive’s Office at 865.717.4103 or come by the County Executive’s Office and pick up an information packet.