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Roane County Emergency Medical Services – Dec 2018

{Tim Suter, Director of Emergency Medical Services}

Community Affirmation: Roane County emergency medical responders work long hours in every imaginable condition. The hard work they do behind the scenes can go unnoticed in the face of personal tragedy. They don’t work for the praise and certainly not the money. Our emergency medical responders chose a vocation that requires a passion for the job and compassion for the suffering. Here is one of many examples of a Roane County Emergency Medical Service provider who works passionately with compassion.

Sir: I am writing to you about one of your EMTs. He responded to our home at (redacted) on November 1st. He was really sweet and kind to my mother after she had fallen in our home. He kept her calm while she was put on the gurney to be transported to the ER at Roane Medical Center. His kindness did not stop there. While he was finishing up his paperwork he noticed me waiting to hear about Mom. He came over to give me a word about mom and to let me know that she was being taken care of by the doctor. He gave me words of encouragement. You have a fine man in Charles Dodson and I appreciate his time. He may not have rushed into a burning building but the care he showed my mom makes him a hero and his speaking to me in the ER waiting room helped me to make decisions with a clear mind. He and his teammates are real hero’s to me and I wish that you would accept my thanks for their services and convey to them my thanks. – Ruby Curtis

The First Ambulances in Roane County

{Robert Bailey – Roane County Historian}

Until the 1970s in Roane County, if you had a medical emergency that required transportation, whom did you call? You called the funeral home, of course! Roane County did not have a government operated ambulance service until 1971. Up to that time, the funeral homes operated the only available ambulance service. In 1970, two of the funeral homes operating in Roane County discontinued ambulance service citing increasing costs. That led to the county to begin providing the service. From stories that have been told, it could be a fast and interesting ride in the Booth Funeral Home of Rockwood ambulance. An early 1930’s photo of the Lamb & Coulter Funeral Home of Rockwood shows a combination hearse/ambulance. The only difference was the window shades. As an ambulance, the shades were pulled down to show a red cross.

Originally written for the Roane County Newsletter to the Community, August 2015.