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Message from the Director of Accounts and Budget

Dear Readers,

It has been some time since I have reported to you on the status of our office. We have been busy since the completion of our Fiscal Year Ending 2018. Listed below are some of our accomplishments:

1) We managed to finish the year with a clean audit with no findings

2) We have upgraded our server and with that allowed us to implement Docket Management

a) With this software, we are able to scan our documents that will all us the capability to pull an invoice from the system instead of digging through boxes. TIME SAVER!!!

3) We have upgraded the file room to allow for a larger office to be occupied

4) We have part-time employees helping with the scanning process and thankful for the volunteers

5) We have started the Budget Process 2020 and included in this newsletter will find our schedule for the next few months. Descriptions on what we will be working on may change depending on the availability of data for those funds.

Our office is always available for any questions you might have during this process and also for questions related to the current year operations.

From our staff, we wish you all a very Happy Easter!!

Connie Cook-Aytes, Director of Roane County Accounts and Budgets