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Spirit of Dr. Jackson

{Robert Bailey – Roane County Historian}

Since October is recognized as a time of ghosts and goblins, it is appropriate to share a ghost story that was written in a newspaper account in the 1800s. It is the story of the spirit of Dr. John Jackson who died in 1840 in Roane County. He lived in the Eagle Furnace area and was quite prominent and wealthy. Since the banks were unstable at that time, he stored his money at his house. A great flood in 1840 threatened to destroy the building where about $10,000 or $12,000 in coins was kept. He was able to get the money to higher ground, and he buried it in a field nearby. He became sick from exposure to the rain and died. During his delirium, he tried to tell his family where the money was hidden but died before he could reveal the exact location.

The family was never able to find the money, and the property was sold soon after the flood. It was sold to a Dr. Hoyle who lived there about a month and left without giving any cause to his leaving. Later, other families tried to live in the house but they also soon moved. It was said that the key would turn in the lock without any cause and the door would open. No sooner did they close and lock the door when it would open again. The form of a man, recognized as Dr. Jackson, would move about the yard as if looking for his treasure. But as soon as someone would approach he would disappear. The sound of money could be heard as though a coin had been dropped from the ceiling to the floor whirling around on the floor and stopping, but no money could be found. Whoever slept in the house could witness the opening of doors, the ghostly form in the yard and hear the clinking of coins. No one would live in the house, and it was abandoned in a few months, and through the years the house had fallen to pieces. However, the form of Dr. Jackson could be seen searching for his hidden treasure.

Originally written for the Roane County Newsletter to the Community, October 2013.