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What Does Roane County United Way Do – Nov 2018

{Dina Jackson, Roane County United Way}

What Does Roane County United Way Do and Why Should You Care?

I’m approached every so often with “I know United Way helps folks, but what do you all do?” Roane County United Way (RCUW) is first committed to improving the lives of the most vulnerable people in our community by supporting efforts that provide basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter, and services that keep them safe and healthy. We work with programs, partnerships and agency services that invest in information services, transitional shelters and housing, food programs and emergency assistance. We focus on Education, Health and Self -Sufficiency of our citizens that want the opportunity to better themselves through:

Education: We keep track of kindergarten readiness, third-grade reading proficiencies, and employment success. We support programs that promote: school readiness, workforce skills development and disabled children reach milestones.

Health: We’re improving the health of our entire community through resources, support, and investment in nutrition and fitness, mental health services and preventative screenings and leading the way in service gaps such as dental services for working adults with no insurance.

Self Sufficiency: Stable employment and financial literacy provide a solid foundation for families and individuals to thrive. We’re helping individuals and families build strong, stable foundations through resources and programs that enable them to achieve stable employment and financial literacy.

We do this by partnering with local nonprofit organizations, supporting them through grants, providing workshops, and guidance when needed. This past year our community volunteer panel (made up of individuals from various experienced backgrounds) reviewed financial reports, service models and service impact of partner organizations. This panel recommended that the RCUW financially support 22 programs that met with our mission. We organize the Teacher’s Supply Closet, host a MyFreeTaxes site, provide networking opportunities through our interagency meetings and more.

Why Should You Care? Roane County United Way inspires and creates positive movement for non-profits and the community. By providing training, professional development, and collaboration, RCUW pushes our community forward into innovative thinking-helping our “home” to move forward and to be successful. So please consider supporting the Roane County United Way.


Ben Wilson – District 6 – Oct 2018

Benjamin Wilson was born in Roane County and has been a resident of Kingston his entire life. Wilson graduated from Calvary Baptist in Kingston and Roane State with a degree in Criminal Justice Investigations. Since graduating, he went into law enforcement and graduated from the Tennessee Law Enforcement Academy in 1993. In 2000, Wilson was hired by Wackenhut Services Inc (WSI) for the Department Of Energy and subsequently graduated from the National Technical Systems (NTS) in Albuquerque, NM. Wilson has served on the Oak Ridge Business Safety Partnership Committee Voluntary Protection Program for DOE and is currently a captain with the security force in Oak Ridge under National Strategic Protective Services for the Department of Energy.

In 1993 Wilson married another local from Kingston, Stacey Russell. The Wilsons are proud to raise their three daughters, Sierra, Kaylee, and Abby in Kingston. Enhancing the growth of Roane County and providing a future for his three daughters are in large part the reason why Wilson decided to run for the commission. Wilson wants to ensure a fruitful future for the young sons and daughters of Roane County thru education, jobs, and industry. With gratefulness and humility, Wilson “looks forward to serving our citizens, and making a difference in our community.”