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Roane Iron Company Mine Explosions

{Robert Bailey – Roane County Historian}

Working in a coal mine was and still is a dangerous job. In the 1920s there were several mine explosions that occurred in the Roane Iron Company mines in Rockwood that cost many lives. On April 29, 1926, two men lost their lives. A major explosion occurred on July 16, 1925. In that explosion, ten men lost their lives. Those men were;

  1. Claude Tindell,
  2. Raymond Watkins,
  3. Sam R. Doughty,
  4. Thos. G. Green,
  5. John W. Green,
  6. Sam L. Givens,
  7. Roy Limburg,
  8. Wm. J. Snow,
  9. Jas. Wilson,
  10. Thos. J. Sullivan.

However, the worst disaster happened on October 4, 1926. In that explosion, 27 miners lost their lives. Those who died, with the family left by each, were as follows:

  1. Will Rodgers, married, 5 children;
  2. H.M. Griffis, married, 4 children;
  3. A.J. Griffis, single;
  4. Ben Gibson, single;
  5. Sam Taylor, married, 3 children;
  6. Lee Jolly, married, several children;
  7. Ira Nelson, single;
  8. Van Kirby, married, 4 children;
  9. P.C. Craven, married, 2 grown children;
  10. S.P. Whittier, married, 6 children;
  11. Harry Lingo, married;
  12. Will Teague, married, 7 children;
  13. Arthur Teague, married, 5 children;
  14. W.C. Elliott, single;
  15. C.B. Davis, married, 1 child;
  16. Philip Galyon, married;
  17. Jess Dale, married;
  18. Walter Cunningham, married, 2 children;
  19. E.G. Smith, married, 1 child (is son-in-law of Will Rodgers);
  20. Clyde Teague, single, son of Will Teague;
  21. Will Armour, single;
  22. Frank Boles, single;
  23. Hector Smith, single;
  24. J.A. Freels, married, 4 children;
  25. G.C. McCoy, married;
  26. Frank Hinds, married, 3 children;
  27. Dave Brummett, married, 6 children;
  28. George Riddle, married, 6 children.

The cause of this disaster was given as the ignition of gas in one of the rooms.

Originally written for the Roane County Newsletter to the Community, September 2017.