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Multiple Award Winning Purchasing Department – Sept 2018

{Lynn Farnham – Roane County Purchasing Agent}

Roane County Has A Multiple Award Winning Purchasing Department: Rick Grimm, CEO of the National Institute for Public Procurement (NIGP) sends his congratulations to Lynn Farnham, who has been selected to receive NIGP’s Volunteer Award! Farnham has served Tennessee Association of Public Purchasing and East Tennessee Purchasing Association on both executive boards, and many committees, and most recently was chosen to serve NIGP on the NIGP Forum and Exposition Committee. Grimm said “Volunteerism is public service at its best. The NIGP Talent Council is the center of volunteerism; and their Chair, Mathes Carrie, has selected Farnham to receive the Volunteer Award for her many contributions to her TN Chapter and the Institute. Congratulations Lynn!” The award was presented at the 2018 NIGP Forum and Products Exposition in Nashville.

In addition, the Universal Public Procurement Certification Council (UPPCC) recognized Roane County’s Purchasing Department for maintaining a high percentage of staff that are UPPCC Certified. Join us in congratulating Farnham’s team, Jeanie Brown – Senior Buyer Roane County Gov, Carol Maines – Buyer Roane County Gov, and Sandy Williams – Purchasing Clerk for their continued excellence in service to the county.


Roane County Facilities Are Looking Brighter – Aug 2018

{Lynn Farnham – Roane County Purchasing Agent}

The County Commission appropriated funds in the 2017-18 capital budget to perform lighting upgrades in the courthouse, the Sheriff’s Office & Jail, and the Office of Emergency Services. The project replaced all fluorescent lamps and ballasts to L.E.D. lamps and ballasts. Not only has this allowed for savings on the utility bills, but it will also improve the quality of lighting in these facilities. The Purchasing Department arranged to have TVA audits done of county facilities to determine the savings potential for each location. It was found that there was the potential for significant savings in each of the facilities that were audited. The table below is a summary of the information from the TVA audits. The amounts listed below are estimates based on the audit.

FacilityCostAnnual - kWh Savings - Monetary
Ambulance &
HWY Building
$7,200 96024.097$9,600
Sheriff, Jail, & OES$16,95072692.406$7,300

An Invitation to Bid for the lamps and ballasts was issued by the Purchasing Department. This is an annual contract that can be renewed to purchase lamps and ballasts for future upgrades as funding becomes available. The lamps and ballasts have a 10-year warranty. The projects listed above are complete. Most all of the installation of the L.E.D. lighting was performed by county inmates. Many thanks to Sheriff Stockton for providing the county with this valuable service.