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Census is Coming. Are We Ready?

{Bonnie Angus, Roane County Executive’s Administrative Assistant}

Not only does the data collected in the 2020 Census determine how many congressional seats will represent our way of life; it is the deciding factor in how much of the 675 billion dollar budget the Federal government will spend on Roane County. The 2020 Census will affect highway construction, public education, emergency services and so much more. If Roane County isn’t accurately represented, we will lose funding to other counties and states.

In preparation for this massive data gathering project, the Roane County Census Committee (RCCC) was formed on February 12th during a two-hour training and strategy session. The RCCC’s purpose is to ensure every Roane County resident is accurately represented.

The RCCC members are nominated from a wide diverse group of Roane County Community leaders:

  • Government Subcommittee – Carolyn Granger, former Roane County Commissioner
  • Education Subcommittee – Allan Reed, Roane County Schools Data Management Assistant.
  • Media Subcommittee – Corinne Shaw, United Way Community Impact Coordinator, and Hugh Willett, Editor of Roane County News
  • Faith-Based Subcommittee – Joe Eskridge, NAACP President
  • Business Subcommittee – Chamber of Alliance
  • Community-Based Subcommittee – Laura Conner, District Director of Roane and Morgan County Health Departments

Things have changed dramatically since the first census in 1790, but the need for accurate data remains constant. One major change and a potential challenge for this decennial’s census is the decision to shift to a predominantly online self-response system. Considering how great it is to retire in Roane County the RCCC will need to focus on helping our retired community navigate the new online process. Keep an eye out for future articles in the Roane County Newsletter to the Community and the Roane County News for pertinent information.

Molyneux Chevrolet Company

{Robert Bailey – Roane County Historian}

The Molyneux Chevrolet Company was founded by John Molyneux and his son Harry Molyneux, in 1916 in Rockwood as the City Garage. Its name was changed in 1928 to the Molyneux Chevrolet Company, and it was recognized as the first Chevrolet dealer in Tennessee and one of the first in the South. John Molyneux was born in Bolton, England in 1853 and came to America in 1881, settling in Morgan County. He moved to Rockwood in 1906. He was also the founder of the Molyneux Lumber Company in Rockwood. In 1935 Frigidaire appliances and RCA radios were added to the business, along with Speed Queen Washers.

Molyneux Lumber Company 1939

Molyneux Chevrolet Company

Originally written for the Roane County Newsletter to the Community, July 2015.

The Murder of Pony Cash

{Robert Bailey – Roane County Historian}

The murder of Oliver Springs Marshal, Henry J. “Pony” Cash, by William West in 1904 created an interesting legal question. Do you try the murderer in the county from which he fired the fatal shot? Or do you try him in the county in which the victim drops dead? This is what happened in this unusual case. Oliver Springs sits where three counties (Roane, Anderson, and Morgan) come together. William West fired the fatal shot from the Anderson County side while Pony Cash was killed on the Roane County side. Finally, it was decided that the trial would be heard in Roane County since Pony was murdered there. However, many depositions in the case file always asked the question of where William West and Pony Cash were located when the fatal event occurred. Pony Cash and his six-year-old son were on their way to hear Ralph Bingham, who was a well-known speaker at the time when he was shot four times by West. He was probably killed almost instantly as he died without speaking. The trial of William West went forward in Roane County, and he was convicted and sentenced to ten years in the penitentiary. Pony Cash is buried in the Oliver Springs Cemetery (which is located in Roane County!).

Originally Written for the Roane County Newsletter to the Community, July 2013.