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Highway Department

{Brian Matthews}

We always say we are blessed to work at the Roane County Highway Department, but as in any occupation, some months are better than others. One thing that will always make a month great is when we can visit a classroom of students during transportation week to talk about what we do, give them some gifts, and hopefully make some memories. We want to thank the Midtown Education Center for having us during transportation week. Last month, we also said bye to Christian Moore as he leaves us to go and work in Oak Ridge. Christian has worked with us during his time at Roane State, an Internship, and Tennessee Tech. Christian’s younger brother, Gabe, works for us while he is attending Roane State. We also attended the annual TDOT Litter Grant training where we learned about the future of the “Nobody Trashes Tennessee” campaign and what the future of it looks like. As always, if we can help you out let us know by calling 865.882.9782.

Christian Moore and Dennis Ferguson, Road Superintendent

Roane County Highway – March 2019

{Dennis Ferguson, Road Superintendent}

Things have been busy, but good at the Roane County Highway Department. We have hosted Roane Leadership and a utility forum. We always enjoy getting to speak to and answer questions that people in the community have for us. We have had productive meetings with the Road Committee. We have had the opportunity to tour the county with them and allow them to see the roads that have been brought before the committee during recent meetings. We also had a small round of winter weather come through, and as always, we are prepared for whatever the weather might bring us.