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The Haunted House in Oliver Springs

{Robert Bailey – Roane County Historian}

The Oliver House was built by Richard Oliver, in the 1840s, for whom the town of Oliver Springs was named. In 1892, the home was owned by Mrs. William M. Lewis and burned. In a newspaper article about the fire, The Knoxville Tribune, 3 Nov 1892, stated that the house was haunted. In that article, the details about the haunted house are given. The article states “Strange noises have been heard in the house, and some very peculiar scenes witnesses witnessed. One night not long ago Mrs. Lewis started to go up the stairs and was confronted by the figure of a man. She supposed that the specter was her husband and called him by name. No reply was made, and she screamed. The specter or whatever it was, instantly vanished. One of the rooms upstairs was not furnished for several years. Mrs. Lewis herself occupied the room for a couple of years and then abandoned it because she was disturbed every night by strange noises. One night as she was about to retire after having locked the door, the door suddenly flew open and sounds of groaning filled the room. She locked the door again and again with the same result. A thorough examination of the doorway was made, and no fault could be found in the construction.” Another room, the southwest parlor on the ground was also supposed to be haunted. During the Civil War, a “gallant young man was engaged to be married to a certain young woman, who for some reason changed her mind. She then married an officer in the Confederate services who remained in the far south several months during the year 1863. He came home one night and looking through the window saw his wife in the embrace of her first love. He carried an old rusty army musket with him and firing killed the paramour.”

Originally written for the Roane County Newsletter to the Community, October 2015.