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Planning Ahead for Roane County

{Ron Woody, Roane County Executive}

The county has recently taken some progressive steps in planning the county’s future. If one feels that nothing has been accomplished we understand, but below the surface, work has been going on, plans have been formulating, and execution of plans have taken place and/or are ready to take place. So, what plans are we talking about?

First, I think more of our county leadership recognizes that Roane County is not an industrial mecca. As an industrial agent recently said, “More than half of our proposals are put in the waste can because we are in a high wage, low unemployment area and new companies do not want to compete for the workforce.” The high wage, low unemployment is due to TVA, DOE, and related contractors. Slowly, a shift in thinking is taking place. What are our county’s assets? Great climate, a beautiful water system of rivers in Tennessee, Emory and Clinch, and friendly cities and communities. Maybe investments should be made in our recreation and tourism industries?

The county has been putting plans together for years for recreation and tourism development and as noted in last month’s newsletter, has hired master planners to complete the process. This year the county is eligible for a $250,000 recreation grant but we must match $250,000 local funds. The county does not have $250,000 but has taken the needed steps in the 2020 Budget to secure a large portion. Further, the county is applying for Tennessee RiverLine 652 project from the University of Tennessee. More details about this will be discussed in a future article.

The county is further working with Legacy Park Foundation and the National Park Service as the Manhattan Project Historical National Park is coming online in Roane County.

New trail systems, (both land and water), a National Park within Roane County, new courtesy boat docks on the reservoir, enhancements to Riley Creek Campground, and other recreation assets are helping Roane County lay the foundation for a vacation, recreation, and tourism destination.

More to come…

University of Tennessee vs American Temperance University

{Robert Bailey – Roane County Historian}

Even though it is a few months away from the start of the football season, it is interesting to note that the University of Tennessee football team played a game in Harriman, Tennessee. The American Temperance University in Harriman, under Chancellor John A. Tate, fielded both a football team and a baseball team beginning in 1903. From 1903 to 1906 the football team played the University of Tennessee three times.

In Knoxville, on October 7, 1905, the teams met, and the final score was 104 for the U.T., 0 for the American University. The next year the teams played again in Knoxville, and surprisingly enough U.T. only scored 10 points. Unfortunately, the American University didn’t score any points.

Fifteen days later another game was played between U.T. and the American University. This time it was in Harriman. It was to mark the dedication of the football field at Harriman. A fight broke out during the game, and the American University players walked off the field and refused to play. The game was forfeited when the American University players would not come back onto the field. U.T. was declared the winner by 6-0 by virtue of the forfeit. After this, the teams never played again.

Originally written for the Roane County Newsletter to the Community, July 2017.

American Temperance University

1903 Tennessee Volunteer Uniform