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Volunteer Firefighter Fire Truck Simulator Training – Oct 2018

{Scott Stout – Director of Office of Emergency Services Special Thanks to Brad Goss}

The Tennessee Fire and Codes Academy visited Roane County with their Emergency Response Driver Training Simulator (ERDTS). Their purpose is to create a real-world experience that enables our volunteer firefighters to hone their skills within a variety of challenging situations and without the logistical ramifications of using public roads. Drivers practice a wide range of tasks, including basic vehicle operations to scenario-based tactical training. Charlie Armstrong, the fire instructor on duty, explained that traditional driver safety courses emphasize skills, law, and knowledge, but this simulator empowers drivers to review their attitudes and find new ways to break old habits.

Shannon Crox & Macayla Harmon Waiting Their Turn in the Sim

Shannon Crox & Keith Hephner – A father and daughter who train together to make a difference in their community.

Scott Stout,  Director of Office of Emergency Services, Brad Goss