Shannon Conley, Clerk and Master

Shanon Conley - Clerk & MasterThe operations of the Clerk and Master’s Office consist of maintaining Rule and Execution dockets for suits filed in Chancery and Probate Court, attending all court sessions, and keeping minutes of the Courts. Other responsibilities of the office include investing idle funds, conducting auctions of real and personal property when Ordered by the Court, collecting filing fees and costs associated with the cases filed, reporting collections and making distributions to proper entities monthly, prepare annual budget, comply with all audit standards, record and revenue management, courtroom administration and public relations.

The Clerk is responsible for collecting delinquent taxes for Roane County, Harriman, Kingston, Oliver Springs and Rockwood and conducts an annual tax sale for Roane County and City taxes.

The office also processes Passport applications and takes public inquiries in person or by phone about Chancery and Probate cases and delinquent taxes.

Important Info

The County Back Tax sale scheduled for Saturday, March 14, 2020 has been cancelled.>> More Information

Probate Court will not be processing passport applications beginning March 25, 2020- April 10, 2020.

Office Location:

200 E. Race Street
Suite 12
Kingston, TN 37763

Phone: 865-376-2487

Fax: 865-376-1228