Roane County Government

Risk Management

Ken Clinton, Risk Manager

Risk Management is the activity of monitoring, assessing, and alleviating risk. Risk is managed by avoidance, retention, transfer by contract, loss control, and insurance contracts. The Risk Manager assists with Workers’ Compensation, conducts safety meetings, and is the point of contact for TOSHA. The Risk Manager works with the Risk Management Committee of the Roane County Commission.

Phone Number:

P: 865-384-3287
F: 865-376-4318


200 E. Race Street
Kingston, TN 37763


Important Information

The Risk Management Department and the Purchasing Department manage the Property and Casualty Insurance Program.

  1. General & Professional Liability Insurance
  2. Auto Insurance
  3. Property Insurance
  4. Workers’ Compensation

All accidents and lawsuits are monitored by the Purchasing Department. When an accident occurs or a lawsuit is filed, the Purchasing Department reports this to the insurance company and then monitors the claim until it is closed.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of Risk Management is to reduce the financial impact of claims, lawsuits, and employee injuries to the County; to reduce the corresponding frequency and severity of these events through the application of professional risk management techniques; and to provide a safe environment for employees to work and the public to enjoy. In doing so, the Division plays a vital role in freeing up dollars which would otherwise be spent on claims and claims-related issues, making them available for other beneficial uses throughout the County.