Ron Woody, County Executive

Ron Woody - Roane County Executive

Title, Authority, and Responsibility

The County Executive is the chief financial officer of the county. He is sometimes referred to as fiscal agent. In recent years some counties have changed the title to County Mayor. Whether County Executive or County Mayor, chief financial official or fiscal agent, the authority and duties remain the same, that being financial management.


  • He signs or co-signs all county checks.
  • He may examine the accounts of the county officers to verify each item of expenditure or revenue.
  • He audits all claims for money against the county.
  • He has a strong role in the budgetary process and presents the consolidated budget for each fiscal year to the county budget committee and to the county legislative body.
  • He or a designated representative serves as a nonvoting, ex officio member of each committee of the county legislative body and of each board, commission or authority of the county government.

Departments Under the County Executive’s Direction

Five-Point Star Management System:

During my career of working in and with county governments as either an employee or consultant, I discovered that often times we are overwhelmed by the many different demands and challenges that face us each and every day. It appeared to me that our organization frequently became stale in the direction, management, and focus on goals and objectives we hoped to accomplish. With these thoughts in mind, I focused during the campaign on a 5-Point Star System of management which would give our administration some direction for the future.

The current five points are: (updated January 2017)

1. Budget 2018 (35)

2. Long-Term Capital Planning (36)

3. Recreation (8 & 32)

4. Heritage Center Development (Re: Industrialize of K-25) (33)

5. Future Jail Planning (38)

As we review our five focus points we are making the following changes:

  • Replacing Budget 2017
  • Replacing Emergency Management
  • Replacing Recreation
  • Replacing Industrial Development
  • Replacing Administration

For more detailed information on previous, and current focus points see

5-Point Star Management System.

Budget Reference Notebook (BRN)

The Accounting and Budget Department is preparing a new document for our Commission and taxpayers to assist in understanding our government operations.  This document is a precursor to Roane County’s submission of the budget to GFOA for the Distinguished Budget Presentation awards program for fiscal 2015.

Budget Book FY14

Budget Book Fy 2016

Important Info

Roane County Executive’s Office

P.O. Box 643
Kingston, TN 37763

Phone: 865-076-5578
Fax: 865-717-4215

Ron Woody, County Executive

Office Staff:

Bonnie Angus
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 865-717-4102

Amber Cofer
Executive Assistant

EDA Loan Manager
Phone: 865-717-4103

Jamie Kinard
Grants Administrator
Phone: 865-717-4101

Jack Jinks
Consultant to various departments

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