Roane County Government

Accounts & Budgets

Jennifer Hasbrouck
Interim Director of Accounts & Budgets

The Roane County department of Accounts and Budgets operates under the County Fiscal Procedure Law of 1957. The director of Accounts and Budgets is an appointed position by the County Executive and confirmed by the governing body.  This office is responsible for accounting, budgeting, payroll, and other such financial matters of the county.  Grants management is currently migrating to this office allowing each of the staff to be responsible for maintaining and reporting expenditures for reimbursement.

Phone Number:

P: 865-717-4114 | F: 865-376-5671


200 East Race Street, Suite #1
P.O. Box 643 | Kingston, TN 37763


More Information

This office of Accounts and Budgets is responsible for preparing the Annual Debt Report, Capital Plans and Projects Report, Annual Budget Book and works closing with the Comptroller’s Division of Local Government Audit as they prepare our Annual Financial Report.  This office is responsible also for facilitating the Non-Profit Applications and the Popular Annual Financial Report that is a summary of the prior year’s financial statements.

Department Staff

Jennifer Suter

Benefits/Title VI Coordinator & Workers Compensation Representative

Lori Butler

Payroll Officer

Jennifer Williamson

Accounts Payable

Eddi Goldston

Accounts Receivable 

Kristian Lewis

Accounts Payable Clerk (Schools)

Amanda Lloyd

Accounts Payable Clerk

Assistant Payroll Clerk

Reports & Budgets

Important Information