Annual Convenience Center Operator Training



Convenience Center Operators from across the County met on Wednesday, August 9, 2023, for the Annual Convenience Center Operator Training. The Office of Emergency Services allowed the Solid Waste Department the use of their meeting room. Executive Creswell kicked off the meeting with an engaging conversation with the Operators. Brad Goss, Risk Reduction Coordinator / Fire & Safety Educator presented a wonderful hand-safety PowerPoint created by Risk Manager, Ken Clinton. Captain Keith Emmert with the Sheriff’s Office gave an energetic De-Escalation Presentation. This was followed by Brad giving his own excellent presentation regarding fire safety.  Assistant Director Ferrell went over the Department’s policies and procedures, including material guidelines and Inclement Weather Policy. After lunch break, Director Brashears presented the mandated State Uniform Inspector Training; this included laws and regulations set forth by TDEC. Benefits / Title VI Coordinator Jennifer Suter gave essential and informative presentations on Title VI compliance and harassment prevention. The Solid Waste Department is grateful to all County departments who played a role in making this such a successful training day!

-Pictured above are 4 of our 28 Operators, Solid Waste Director Brashears and Assistant Director Ferrell. We are so thankful to ALL our Operators who make such a difference in our community!