Founders Day Celebration


Roane County was officially founded on November 6, 1801.  In 2007 Roane County began celebrating its birthday with the Founders’ Day Celebration by naming a Class of Roane Treasures each year. Every year we pause to honor the individuals who have helped shape Roane County into what it is today. These individuals have made tremendous contributions not only to our county but also the state and nation. These honorees were nominated by Roane County Commissioners

Roane County will be honoring the following individuals at this year’s Founders’ Day Celebration:

Roane Treasures (70-90 years old): Ted Clower, Benny East, Jim Palmer, and James (Jim) Ryans

Golden Treasures (90 years or older): Howard Galyon

On behalf of Roane County Executive, Wade Creswell, we welcome all to celebrate Roane County’s 222nd Birthday as we honor the seventeenth class of Roane Treasures on November 6, 2023, at 6:00 p.m. at the Roane County Courthouse.