Roane County Gathers in Remembrance: 15 Years After Kingston Fossil Plant Ash Spill

Today, December 22, 2023, marks the 15th anniversary of the Kingston Fossil Plant Ash Spill. At the County Commission meeting on Monday, December 11, a Proclamation was read that proclaimed December 22 to be a day of observance in perpetuity in memory of the workers who died after the coal ash spill on December 22, 2008. A ceremony was held this morning, led by members of the Roane County Commission including widows of fallen workers. A candle was lit, during the ceremony, in memory of those who have passed away. As we reflect on this anniversary, it is crucial to remember and honor those workers who lost their lives in the aftermath of the spill. On this day, let us extend our condolences and support to the families and friends who continue to mourn the loss of their loved ones and honor those who are still with us today.