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Roane County Applied to Be a Pilot Community for the Tennessee RiverLine 652 Project Grant

{Mike Beard, Director of Roane County Parks and Recreation}

The Tennessee RiverLine is a vision for a continuous system of hiking, biking, and on-water experiences along the 652-mile reach of the Tennessee River from Knoxville, TN, to Paducah, KY.  The system will serve as a catalyst for economic, social and environmental impact in the four states and dozens of cities, towns and rural communities along the Tennessee River, as well as the more than 4.5 million residents who call the Tennessee River Valley home.  Beyond recreational, environmental and economic potential, the project embodies the spirit of innovation and regional collaboration that is our legacy in the Tennessee River Valley.

A Tennessee RiverLine Pilot Community is a community with immediate or proximate physical access to the main stem of the Tennessee River’s 652-mile reach as well as its major coves and embayments.  We seek participation from a diversity of communities: large and small, urban and rural, those with established river access programs and those who need help getting started. All are strongly encouraged to apply and will be given equal consideration.

An excerpt from our Pilot Community Application….

It is our belief that Roane County already has the raw material needed to become an outdoor adventure lover’s dream. Home to 43 miles of the Tennessee River, Roane County is already positioned to become a destination for TN RiverLine enthusiasts as they explore all of Watts Bar Lake via canoes, kayaks, paddle boards, and other watercraft. Our vision is to see Kingston and Rockwood become to the RiverLine what Hot Springs, NC is to Appalachian Trail hikers. We envision busy downtowns…

To learn more contact Jamie Kinard, Mike Beard or Ron Woody

Legacy Parks Announces Oak Ridge Natural Assets Plan

Knoxville, Tenn. – Legacy Parks Foundation has announced a collaborative conservation project encompassing Oak Ridge, Roane County, and Anderson County that will create a Natural Assets Plan for Oak Ridge and the surrounding areas by exploring both recreational opportunities and enhancement of the area’s natural assets. A grant from UCOR, UT-Battelle, CNS/Y-12, and Oak Ridge Associated Universities to Legacy Parks will fund the initiative. Carol Evans, executive director of Legacy Parks Foundation and Legacy Parks Board Member, Don Parnell, will coordinate the team from Ackerman Marketing & PR, Ross/Fowler Landscape Architects, and Equinox Environmental. 

Carol Evans, Executive Director of Legacy Parks Foundation, welcoming County Executive, Ron Woody, at the Legacy Park Kick-Off

Checks presented from CNS, UCOR, ORAU, & ORNL

What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

{Corinne Shaw, Community Impact Coordinator}

Businesses and their employees in Roane County have an opportunity to create positive community changes. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is synonymous with corporate citizenship and is an ethic strategy incorporated into a business model to create a social and environmental impact on the community. The positive public relations gained by corporate social responsibility increases the trust of investors, develops long-term relations, and boosts the public image of a business. In order for a business to remain relevant and competitive in today’s society, it is suggested that the CSR of business be seen by investors, consumers, employees and the community.         

How Can a Business Show Corporate Social Responsibility? Running a United Way campaign once a year can allow employees to donate funds and give to causes close to their hearts through payroll giving. A business, giving matching corporate donations, shows employees that the business aligns their social outlook with that of their employees and cares about the community in which their employees reside. It is known, that employees are more committed to businesses that show a high quality of citizenship.  Many employees and their families may benefit from the services provided by Partner organizations of the Roane County United Way. These services promote education, health, and financial stability, which makes employees happier, healthier, more productive and more reliable.

Businesses Can Have a Powerful Role in Community Change. The intellectual and physical involvement of a business can also drive change in the community. Your education, knowledge, and skills are valuable assets to non-profit organizations. Volunteering intellectual abilities and helping on charity boards or volunteering a skill set that helps the charity remain current with technology or business practices is a great way to build community connections. Providing a physical presence at events, as a volunteer and allowing employees to participate in volunteering, shows the members of the community that the business as a caring participant of that community.
The power to make a lasting, positive change is the heart of Corporate Social Responsibility. Having employees volunteer in the community can also have a positive impact on your business’s culture. Employees are rewarded with a sense of well-being, community connection, increased social skills, and new friendships when they get involved in community projects. When Employees share their volunteering experiences with co-workers, it fosters a giving culture within the business environment. With a good CSR strategy, a business can drive new ideas and positive social integrations which shape the community.

Chamber Honors Record 145 Graduating Tennessee Scholars

{Allen Lutz, Education and Workforce Development Specialist}

At the Annual Tennessee Scholars Graduation Ceremony, the Roane County Chamber of Commerce and Roane County Schools, recognized 145 graduating seniors, 31.2% of the 2019 Roane County Graduating Class, as Tennessee Scholars at a breakfast awards ceremony on April 11.

Tennessee Scholars is a Chamber-led program conducted in partnership with Roane County Schools. The goal of Tennessee Scholars is to increase the number of students graduating from high school with a rigorous academic course of study, which includes advanced math and science classes, that prepares them for higher education and the workforce.

To be a Tennessee Scholar, students must complete a rigorous course of study, maintain an overall “C” average, have 95% or higher attendance, pass end-of-course tests, have no out-of-school suspensions, and complete a minimum of eighty hours of community service during their four years of high school.

“This is a tremendous accomplishment for the Class of 2019.  A record of 145 graduates and the highest percentage of seniors graduating as Tennessee Scholar Graduates,” said Pam May, President/CEO of the Roane Alliance, as she welcomed the students to the ceremony.

At the ceremony, the seniors received a Tennessee Scholars certificate and a medallion to wear at their high school graduation ceremonies. Their high school diploma and transcript will bear the Tennessee Scholar Seal letting potential employers know the graduate has worked hard and maintained the standards of a Tennessee Scholar.