Tennessee Department of Health Commissioner Dr. Alvarado Visits Roane County Health Department


Roane County, TN — Today, Tennessee Department of Health Commissioner Dr. Ralph Alvarado visited the Roane County Health Department, currently undergoing significant renovations. Commissioner Alvarado was joined by Roane County Executive Wade Creswell, Project Manager Mike Beard, and several Roane County Commissioners to tour the site and review the progress of this essential multi million dollar project.

The renovations are progressing well, with numerous key milestones already achieved:

  • Rooftop Units: All 6 rooftop units are set and ducted.
  • Electrical Work: Electrical rough-ins are complete.
  • Interior Construction: Interior partitions are installed and drywall finishing is nearing completion
  • Ductwork: Completed on the clinic side
  • Insulation: Installed in the clinic side, with spray foam applied to the clinic’s exterior
  • Plumbing: Domestic water lines are being installed.
  • Fire Safety: Firewall installation is complete
  • Data: Wires are in place
  • Inspections: Electrical and framing inspections are completed
  • Drywall: Hanging is complete, finish work is ongoing

Upcoming Milestones:

  • Prime/Paint: Set to begin on July 1.
  • Ceiling Grid and Fixtures: Installation starts on July 8.
  • HVAC Start-Up: HVAC systems will be operational by July 15.
  • Flooring: Installation begins on August 12.
  • Millwork, Doors, Specialties, Ceiling Tile: Scheduled for August 26.
  • Painting and Trim Out: To start on September 23.

The renovation of the Roane County Health Department is a crucial development for the community. These upgrades are not just about modernizing the facility; they are about enhancing the quality of healthcare services available to residents. With the completion of this project, the Health Department will be better equipped to handle a variety of healthcare needs, from routine check-ups to emergency responses.

  • Enhanced Healthcare Services: With state-of-the-art HVAC systems, improved insulation, and modern electrical and plumbing systems, the facility will provide a safer and more comfortable environment for both patients and healthcare providers. The inclusion of an ionization system in the HVAC will help maintain a healthier indoor air quality, crucial for preventing the spread of airborne illnesses.
  • Expanded Capabilities: The renovations will allow the Health Department to expand its services, including immunization programs, dental care, and other essential health services. The additional funding from the Immunization Grant ensures that the facility can offer specialized immunization services, crucial for public health.
  • Improved Accessibility: The upgrades include better infrastructure for accessing the building, making it easier for all residents, including those with disabilities, to receive care.
  • Economic Impact: The renovation project has already provided jobs and will continue to do so until its completion. Additionally, a modern, efficient Health Department can attract more healthcare professionals to the area, boosting the local economy.
  • Community Well-being: A well-functioning health department is a cornerstone of a healthy community. With better facilities, the Health Department can more effectively conduct health education, preventive care, and outreach programs, contributing to the overall well-being of Roane County residents.

A special thank you to Commissioner Alvarado and his incredible staff for their continued support and dedication to improving the health services in our community! His commitment and leadership are instrumental in bringing these essential upgrades to fruition, ensuring a healthier future for all residents of Roane County.

Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to make strides towards completing this vital community project!