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Most Common Forms

Motor vehicle forms

Title Application for Noting of Lien, Duplicate Title, or Multi-purpose Use– Form used by Auto-Dealers for registration on customer behalf; by lienholders for noting new liens and by customers/owners for requesting replacement/duplicate titles and transfer of ownership.

General Affidavit – Used for general corrections; documenting two different names that refer to one person (i.e. Thomas Smith and Tom Smith); verification of vehicle non-use or out of service vehicles that have not been on the roads of Tennessee in past 90 days; explanations of errors, misspellings or signatures in wrong places on titles and title paperwork.

Power of Attorney for Vehicle Transactions– Used to legally give another person authority to sign your name on titling/registration transactions.

Leased Vehicle/Owners Authorization to Lessee – for use by Lessors to give permission for vehicle to be titled or transferred to Tennessee by the Lessee who holds the current lease on the vehicle and will be the registered license plate owner.

Affidavit of Inheritance– For use in transferring vehicle of deceased person where estate was NOT probated in court.

Affidavit of Non-Dealer Transfers of Motor Vehicles and Boats – For use with Gifts, Even Trades and Low Selling Price Transfers.

Odometer Disclosure Statement – For use to verify the current mileage on vehicles for Model Years 2011 and newer when transferring the title and changing ownership by sale or gift. Must be signed by both the seller and buyer without use of Power of Attorney (POA) forms.

Odometer Discrepancy Form – For use when CORRECTING MILEAGE ERRORS on previous titles or dealer paperwork.  Must be signed by both the seller and buyer without use of Power of Attorney (POA) forms.

Certification of Sales Under Special Conditions – for use when a vehicle has been repossessed by the lienholder; is being titled by a tow company or repair business under a Garage Keepers Lien; or being titled by a tow company as an Abandoned Vehicle.

Certification of Ownership – Form used, along with additional support documents, to request title of a vehicle with a Fair Market Value of $3,000 or less or a vehicle that is more than 30 years old when the applicant is unable to provide a title.  If proof of title in Tennessee is on file the applicant will be required to make documented attempts to get prior owner to obtain a duplicate title as required by law.

Note:  Applications submitted in this manner are stringently examined due to the potential for fraud.  Most requests are rejected due to improper documentation or circumstances that make the vehicle eligible for titling supported by the proper transfer of fraud is detected.  The fact that the previous seller did not furnish a title to you when you purchased it does not qualify for the certification process and is a civil matter per Tenn. Code Ann. Section 55-3-127.

Surety Bond Application – for use with Certification of Ownership form on vehicle/manufactured home with a Fair Market Value exceeding $3,000 and a manufacture year of less than 30 years old.

Notarized Bill of Sale (Automobile/Trailer/Motorcycle)– Bill of sale for purchase amount of older vehicles requiring a notarized seller’s signature as proof of sale. (For example vehicles purchased in states where titles for vehicles older than a certain model year are not required to be titled in that state. Such as Georgia and vehicles older than 1986 models.)

Application for Salvage or Non-Repairable Certificate – After the vehicle has been deemed a total loss and a total loss claim has been paid, the insurance company or owner must obtain a Salvage or Non-Repairable Certificate by submitting this application. These certificates of title serve only to establish ownership of the vehicle. No vehicle deemed as Salvage or Non-repairable can be registered in or operate on the roads and highways of the state of Tennessee. A vehicle that receives a Salvage Certificate may be rebuilt to be road worthy, but must first go through the Rebuilt Vehicle process. There is no cost to obtain a Salvage/Non-Repairable Certificate.

Application for Motor Vehicle Identification Certification for Rebuilt Vehicles – An owner of a salvage vehicle that has been repaired in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements and Department rules should use this application to apply for a regular certificate of title with a brand of “Rebuilt Vehicle.” Please see page two of this application for detailed instructions.

Insurance Verification Affidavit – Form used to provide sworn statement for acceptable reason vehicle has been without insurance coverage such as out of service; in storage; moved out of state; sold, etc.

Application for Duplicate License Plate/Replacement Plate or Decal– Application for Replacement Decal and/or Plate.  Replacement plate requires copy of form from police department where the plate has been reported as lost or stolen.  

Application for Disabled Person License Plate, Placard, or Decal – Use to apply for a handicap plate or placard with doctor’s approval and signature.

Tennessee’s Specialty & Personalized Plate Program – the form used to request a personalized license plate by applicants who can’t use the online request form found here: You must provide 3 choices for the personalization you want and submit the fee indicated for the type of plate being personalized.  If you choice is available and approved the plate will be printed and sent to the county clerk in 4 to 6 weeks usually.

Vehicle License Plates Cancellation – Form used to request cancelling of a license plate for reasons such as plate lost/destroyed; owner deceased; moved out of state; sold or traded with plate attached, etc.

Title Only Application – for use by Trucking Companies when an IRP apportioned plate is being applied for; by owners of ATVs or motorized bicycles not required to have a license plate or mobile home transfers.

Request for Verification of Ownership on Vehicles Found Abandoned, Immobile or Unattended – This form can’t be used by private citizens and is available only to Authorized users (Law Enforcement Agencies, Tennessee Tow Companies, Title Services and Salvage Yard Companies).  These authorized entities must verify ownership of abandoned, immobile or unattended vehicles within three (3) business days of taking the vehicle into custody.

Marine Bill of Sale – proof of transfer of boat ownership from seller to buyer with full information on boat (and trailer) to be transferred.  Fully completed and signed bill of sale is required by TWRA before taxes can be paid and boat registered for use in Tennessee waters.  Tennessee does not title boats so the bill of sale is your basic legal proof of ownership of the boat. 

Marriage License Forms

Certification of Completion for Premarital Preparation Course – required to be signed and notarized by authorized instructor/counselor of the Marriage Counseling required for couples to be eligible for the discounted marriage license price.

Affidavit for Marriage License for Incarcerated Applicant – for use when one of the persons getting married is currently incarcerated.

Affidavit for Marriage License for Applicant with Disability – for use when one of the persons getting married has a disability or health condition that prevents them from coming in person to the courthouse to apply for the marriage license.

Affidavit for Marriage License for Minor Applicant (Age 17) – for consent affidavit of Parent, Guardian, Next of Kin, or Other Person/Entity Having Custody Evidencing Consent to Issuance of Marriage License for Minor Applicant who is at least 17 years of age but less than 18 years of age.

Application for Verification of Marriage Facts (Vital Records) – for use when requesting information on a Tennessee marriage from the Vital Records Section in Nashville.  This is mainly used when the county where the marriage license was obtained is unknown and family history/information only is being requested.  This will NOT be a certified marriage certificate. (This form is submitted through the Vital Records Office in Nashville NOT the County Clerk’s Office.) 

Application for Certified Copy of a Tennessee Certificate of Marriage (Vital Records)- for use when requesting a CERTIFIED marriage certificate when the county of marriage is unknown. (This form is submitted through the Vital Records Office in Nashville NOT the County Clerk’s Office.)

Business License Forms

Checklist for New Businesses – a worksheet to use when following the steps outlined on the Dept. or Revenue website for establishing a new business in Tennessee.

New Business License/Tax Registration Application – application required to be completed and submitted to the County Clerk’s office for all new business license requests and renewals of minimal business licenses.

Occupancy Tax for Hotel/Motel/Campground – form required to be submitted monthly to County Clerk with tax payments from hotels, motels, campgrounds, bed and breakfast, Air BNB, etc.

Petition for Pawnbroker’s License – forms required for those applying to become a Pawnbroker and/or open a Pawn Shop.  Includes the “Proof of Good Moral Character” statement.  

Beer Permits

Beer Permit Application – form required to be filled out and submitted to County Clerk for applicants/businesses requesting to be approved for a County Beer Permit.


Notary Public Application – the form required to be completed and submitted to the County Clerk’s office from applicants seeking to be approved as Notary Public.

Notary Public Bond Application Using Personal Sureties – the form required to be completed by notary applicants who plan to use $10,000 Personal Sureties from 2 Roane County landowners in lieu of the required $10,000 Surety Bond from insurance or financial company.

Change of Address for Tennessee Notary Public – the form needed by the County Clerk where a notary public was approved when said notary is moving to another county in Tennessee.

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