Roane County OES Fire and EMS Staff Participate in Continuing Education with Tennova Healthcare


Roane County, TN – In today’s rapidly evolving professional landscape, continuing education classes are essential for professionals across various fields to stay updated with the latest knowledge, skills, and advancements. This commitment to ongoing learning is particularly crucial in the realm of emergency services, where staying abreast of the latest protocols and medical advancements can significantly impact the quality of care provided.

On June 18th, Roane County Office of Emergency Services (OES) Fire and EMS staff welcomed representatives from Tennova Healthcare – Turkey Creek Medical Center for an insightful continuing education session. The focus of the training was on triage in the field, patient transport, and the extensive services that Tennova Healthcare Turkey Creek Medical Center offers as a Level 3 Trauma Facility.

The session provided Roane County’s emergency responders with valuable insights into the advanced care protocols and emergency procedures utilized at Tennova Healthcare. As a Level 3 Trauma Center, Tennova Healthcare is equipped to provide comprehensive emergency services and intensive care for trauma patients, making this training particularly relevant for the county’s first responders.

By learning directly from the medical professionals at Tennova Healthcare, the Roane County OES Fire and EMS staff are better equipped to handle critical situations, ensuring that patients receive timely and appropriate care from the moment they are encountered in the field until they reach the trauma center.

Continuing education initiatives like this underscore Roane County’s commitment to excellence in emergency services. By fostering partnerships with leading healthcare providers and staying updated on the latest medical advancements, Roane County OES ensures that its staff is always prepared to deliver the highest standard of care to the community.

We extend our gratitude to the representatives from Tennova Healthcare – Turkey Creek Medical Center for their time and expertise, and to our dedicated Roane County OES Fire and EMS staff for their ongoing commitment to professional development and exceptional service.